Joan Pinto

I write. I sip chai. I write.
Sometimes I touch my toes.
Sometimes I blow bubbles.
Sometimes I travel to Hampstead Heath in my mind.
I write.
I laugh, I think, I dream.
Sometimes I hum with Jamie Cullum
But mostly I like to write.
It keeps me alive.

Joan Pinto is a writer. For the rush, and for the good sleep it gives her. And yes, to pay the bills.

Her writing credits (non-fiction) include the Snapshot column of the Times of India (India’s largest circulating English newspaper), Femina, the travel supplement of the Economic Times (India), India Today Travel Plus, Free n Easy (the Executive Club magazine for British Airways), Society Interiors and, and And of course, The Christian Science Monitor, Boston.

She’s been an engineer, copywriter, interior designer. Now she writes non-fiction, short fiction, haiku, to–do lists, and advertising work that excites her.

But at the end of it all, she writes.

This site, is just the appetizers.


11 responses to “Joan Pinto

  1. Good girl! Online at last!

    But “humor?” “Uncategorized?” Amrikan you became?


  2. good work young lady. you inspire me.

  3. I write. I sip chai. I write…
    Add “Sometimes I give out killer shrimp recipes to chosen few” to the list.

  4. Joan where are you????

    We miss your writings….


  5. Know what you mean about keeping you alive. Good to meet you, Joan. Laju

  6. Valencia Valdez

    Enjoyed your article “Christmas is here…”

    BTW, are you related to the Pinto family who once lived in Khulna, Pakistan (now Bangladesh). My maiden name is Burnaby. Does it ring a bell? Email me. Thanks

  7. Joan, given your surname, do you have a Goan link?

  8. You write amazing ms Pinto….

    please do write more and entertain us with your rich , simple and yet tingling style that makes me think as if the words you chose automatically falls into place and weave your story for us 🙂

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